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Magical melon escape

We usually keep it local on the weekends. Swimming lessons on Saturday morning, followed by housework and a play at the park or pool Saturday afternoon. Sunday mornings are reserved for ironing and enjoying the kids’ company at home, or venturing to South Bank Parklands. Occasionally we mix things up, but for the most part […] Read more…

happy new year

Hello 2017

Hellooo!!!! Happy New Year, everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost one month since I’ve written in this space. Boy, I’ve missed this ‘ol blog and all of you, but you know what? When I sat down to write my first post for 2017 I couldn’t think of what to write. I find when I stop […] Read more…


2016 – it’s a wrap!

On a patch of green beside the Brisbane River, we gather. Our shoes are abandoned for the freedom of the cool, soft grass under our feet, while the gentle river breeze whips the girls into frenzied excitement as they dance around me impatiently awaiting their dinner. I roll out a picnic rug and plonk our […] Read more…

A confident heart

Living life with greater confidence and positivity

The afternoon I received a phone call congratulating me on winning a job I’d applied for, I felt giddy with excitement, pride and confidence. This was the change I had been working toward for most of the year. I’d done it. I’d taken a big, bold step out of my comfort zone and I felt […] Read more…

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