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How to Make a Fun Family Movie Night with Sing

*This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment What do you do when work and school are closed thanks to Cyclone Debbie? You have a fun, family movie day, of course!! I was so grateful to have the new SING DVD in my hot little hands last Thursday when I found out we […] Read more…

Just like Molly

Just Like Molly – book review + giveaway

When my eldest daughter was three, she had a friend called Ellabella. She and Ellabella were tight. They did everything together. They would chase butterflies in the yard, and giggle and squeal when they had Justine Clarke dance parties. Sometimes they would simply sit and chat. Together they would weave intricate yarns of princesses and […] Read more…

Film Title: Sing

SING Special Edition – Fun For the Whole Family

*This post is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Cute characters, rocking good tunes, a powerful message, and not a scary villain in sight – SING was our top pick of family-friendly movies over the summer holidays. And guess what? SING Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD will be in stores 29 March in plenty […] Read more…


How to make your own fairy garden

Quite a lot of fairy talk goes on in this household. I introduced a fairy door a few years ago and the girls have been obsessed with the magic of fairies ever since. They write letters to the fairies regularly leaving notes at their door riddled with questions. How big are you? How many of […] Read more…

homwork sucks

Dear Homework … You suck

Dear Homework I want to like you. I really want to like you. The first time my daughter brought you home, I was crazy excited. I remember hastily scanning through you to see what fun projects we’d work on together. I foolishly pictured my six-year-old and me sitting at the dinner table happily working through […] Read more…


Magical melon escape

We usually keep it local on the weekends. Swimming lessons on Saturday morning, followed by housework and a play at the park or pool Saturday afternoon. Sunday mornings are reserved for ironing and enjoying the kids’ company at home, or venturing to South Bank Parklands. Occasionally we mix things up, but for the most part […] Read more…

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