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2016 – it’s a wrap!

On a patch of green beside the Brisbane River, we gather. Our shoes are abandoned for the freedom of the cool, soft grass under our feet, while the gentle river breeze whips the girls into frenzied excitement as they dance around me impatiently awaiting their dinner. I roll out a picnic rug and plonk our […] Read more…


5 reasons why Moana is a great role model for girls

There’s not a castle, ball gown, or Prince Charming in sight in Disney’s new movie Moana and I couldn’t be happier about it. Don’t get me wrong, we dig princesses in this house. Rapunzel, Belle, Cinderella, Elsa – Miss Six and Miss Four love the beauty and magic of them all. Disney Princess movies are […] Read more…

Pre-performance excitement

Kid-friendly pop songs without sex, swearing and big butts

‘Oh. My. God! Would you look at her butt?’ These words came from my six-year-old’s mouth last week when she was playing dolls with her little sister. ‘Excuuuuuuuuuse me?’ I had said to her, my mouth nearly on the floor. This was completely out of character for my mild-mannered, sweet angel. ‘Where did you learn […] Read more…


A broken bone, birthday, and brave little girl

First came the thud and then the screams. ‘My neck, my neck,’ Miss Three cried out, her eyes wild with panic before she burst into tears. I raced to her and cradled her in my arms attempting to calm her down and survey the damage. The last thing you want to hear when your child […] Read more…


A letter to my four year old

Dear Smiley Happy fourth birthday, my little angel! We’ve been counting down for what seems like forever for your fourth birthday and party. The Tinkerbell cake is ready and the party bags are packed. Even though we had to cancel the jumping castle thanks to your broken collar bone, today we plan to give you […] Read more…

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