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Magical melon escape

We usually keep it local on the weekends. Swimming lessons on Saturday morning, followed by housework and a play at the park or pool Saturday afternoon. Sunday mornings are reserved for ironing and enjoying the kids’ company at home, or venturing to South Bank Parklands. Occasionally we mix things up, but for the most part […] Read more…


Love actually

Dave and I were just 23 when we met. I was quick to fall for his crooked smile, gentle eyes and his ability to entertain me with his ‘shit talk’. Our relationship was intense for the first few months, as most relationships are in your early twenties. Always the romantic, it didn’t take me long […] Read more…


2016 – it’s a wrap!

On a patch of green beside the Brisbane River, we gather. Our shoes are abandoned for the freedom of the cool, soft grass under our feet, while the gentle river breeze whips the girls into frenzied excitement as they dance around me impatiently awaiting their dinner. I roll out a picnic rug and plonk our […] Read more…

Wedding dress

Conversations with the wedding dress

If I could rely on anyone to give me the honest to God truth no matter how painful it might be to hear, I knew it was my brother. I stood in front of him in my wedding dress just a few days out from my wedding. I think it’s suffice to say that I […] Read more…

Why our marriage works

Why our marriage works

‘You make it look easy. I know it’s not’. A friend posted this comment on my wedding anniversary blog post last week. I smiled when I read her comment because it’s true. Marriage isn’t easy. Marriage takes hard work, patience and plenty of give and take. Dave and I have been together for more than […] Read more…


8 photos in 8 years of marriage

That’s me and Dave eight years ago today. Young and in love and full to the brim with happiness after tying the knot in front of our family and friends. I can only remember snippets of the day as it went past in a blur. I remember waking up at the crack of dawn to […] Read more…

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