I quit sugar – Week two

Replacing my usual lunchtime carbs with haloumi, spinach, tomato and nuts. Yum!

Replacing my usual lunchtime carbs with haloumi, spinach, tomato and nuts. Yum!

So, it is two weeks into my eight week sugar detox program and I’m starting to act a little too cool for school.

‘Yeah, I’ve quit sugar,’ I find myself bragging to neighbours, and anyone who will listen really.

‘Yep, it’s been tough, but I’m feeling so good for it.’

There’s no denying I am proud of myself. It has been two whole weeks since I’ve had any Milo or Nutella. This is major for me. Major.

I know I shouldn’t get too big for my boots though because the hardest challenge is yet to come.

While Week Two has been no picnic, (Mmmm Picnic) I’ve been in a slightly better mindset than Week One. Week One had me slipping up quite a bit and beating myself up about it. This week, I’ve tried to not be as hard on myself. I have had some weak moments, but I’ve not felt as crazy after succumbing to sugar. I wasn’t binging like I previously have. I have somehow found the discipline to stop after just one treat.

Part of this, I think, is due to me seeing some results. I’m feeling a lot less bloated around the middle. This is giving me the motivation to keep on going. I can’t really say whether it has made a difference to me feeling fuzzy headed yet or not. With two sick kids last week, I haven’t had a lot of sleep.

I believe the other reason I haven’t craved sugar so much is because in following Sarah Wilson’s advice for Week Two in I Quit SugarI’ve been replacing sugar with fat.

This is a really wild concept for me. I can’t quite get my head around how eating truckloads of snacking on haloumi is not going to make me fat. Sarah’s argument is that we have to replace what we are taking out of our diet so our bodies don’t go into famine mode and we don’t totally wig out because we’re not being rewarded with our usual treats.

Sarah suggests to fill up on good fats and protein. As a vegetarian, I found this a little tricky. Her suggestions of eggs, bacon, calamari and chicken with the skin on were not an option for me. Instead, I snacked on nuts, cheese, haloumi, and homemade soup thanks to my mother-in-law.

The other suggestion of Sarah’s that has worked for me is to eat regular small meals, like five or six a day, and to keep busy.

What I’ve found most difficult is to change my mindset. I find myself on auto pilot sometimes heading to the pantry in stressful situations or when I want to reward myself. It’s second nature for me. This week when I’ve been emotional, I’ve given myself some time out (even mummies need the naughty corner sometimes). I get such a great deal of satisfaction from this knowing that I didn’t need to eat 16 cookies to make myself feel better.

I’m feeling positive at the moment and know I need to be for the absolutely terrifying week ahead. Week Three – Cold turkey. Aaarrgghh!

Replacing my usual lunchtime carbs with haloumi, spinach, tomato and nuts. Yum!

Replacing my usual lunchtime carbs with haloumi, spinach, tomato and nuts. Yum!

Have you ever done a sugar detox before? How long before you started feeling better?

2 comments on I quit sugar – Week two

  1. Michelle
    July 3, 2013 at 12:01 pm (5 years ago)

    Hi there… I quit sugar in January and have never looked back. I have dropped 12 kilos and now eat a very wholesome diet. Whilst I like sara wilsons books, I have no desire to substitute sugar for stevia or any of the other sugar substitutes, and don’t really see the point. I just don’t eat it anymore and feel great. My hubby and kids are also now doing it, not as strict as me but have also benefited. If they indulge they all feel sick and one of my children actually vomited after eating a really rich cake… just goes to show what sugar really does to your body!

    • mummywifeme
      July 3, 2013 at 1:14 pm (5 years ago)

      It sure does, Michelle! Good on you and your family for doing so well. I haven’t yet tried stevia or any other substitutes and now hearing your advice, I don’t think I will either. Congrats on sticking to your guns and getting the whole family to join in too!


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